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louis vuitton Is a winter ! Walking in the familiar way , and the winter so unqualified and opportunities, meet is so natural ! Every season cycle , as if all good agreement , but the season has not changed, and people walking , but also added a ring at the journey of life . This ring road , along the foot of the mark, the continuous extension of the forward , behind , leaving a shadow of memories , collections in the past to help us !

Winter is finally an ending of each ring . This winter , what will be the expectation ? I think looking forward to the day chic .

After last autumn rain , Northwest Aluminum winter day in the sun to warm the advent of no wind, feel the cold of winter , always warm, like spring willow flowers, natural fall. Through poplar dry branches look to the sky louis vuitton , as if winter sunny day in a thin fog cover yarn , the sun is low close , like hanging from a tree . If cloudy day , lush pine will adorn drab street , who said there is no winter scenery of life too! Snow day is more like a painting , and pear swirling , beautiful pure, dazzling white , heaven and earth are connected into one , the kind of pure, crystal clear , so you can not bear to be easily trampled .

People living in the northwest of aluminum , in the winter heart is filled with a pot of fire. Friend familiar friends Street neighborhood , face to face is always smile when greeting the sound and over. One friend had to leave here with emotion, said to me: far away , as people feel is the most indifferent world situation louis vuitton , and now miss the most is the warm ways of the world here ! People, is it not so , leaving the familiar people and things , like riding to a strange winter, all over again , always becomes accustomed to it ! Because they do not like winter , the heart will follow feelings. Or happy or sad or excited or depressed , or sweet or bitter , or happiness or pain , these feelings filled season of life, without having to clip into my mind from the perception of personal experiences !

Each winter, expect it to follow the hope burning in the snow . The people here have winter plum character, even in the snow , the snow will be the plum incense ! No flashy , funky and warm , much like the people here , louis vuitton is not it? No smell bloom in winter, no smelling fragrance , but you can feel the sound of flowers . Even petal is depressed winter snows , like a turn, also chic fall, snow dotted earth , bears a touch of red ! There was a plum for winter is a special feeling , the open so brilliant , so beautiful, with Lingshuang Aoxue steel frame and slanting crosswise against the wind of fresh snow sticks open . Heartfelt praise plum character, appreciate it, forget the cold winter !

Sometimes the spirit of joy as text overlay, louis vuitton there will be a write impulses and happy! Spiritual home is not dry , like text. Northwest Aluminum walking in the winter , with warm air to melt the coolness , the warmth is a spiritual support, exudes warmth in the winter . For example, the establishment of the Northwest Federation of Literary and Artistic aluminum Let us together in this homeland , which is the business part of the spirit of cultural cohesion , people feel the warmth !

Winter , and warm companions. The foot of a crystal, a quiet , leisurely become a transparent , quiet and smooth . Close your eyes louis vuitton , you will be familiar with this blend of space , feel the temperature in the winter to melt , happy , cool , and quiet heart . Winter , and warm companions. And the winter sun in hand , experience kind of temperature !